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Nicky Johnson has more than 25 years of experience providing primary healthcare as a registered nurse. She now specialises in ear care.

Ear Care BOP are registered ACC service providers.





about nicky

About Nicky Johnson

Nicky is an experienced nurse specialising in ear care in the Bay of Plenty and Waikato.

Previously, Nicky worked as the community ear nurse for the Tauranga DHB before becoming the owner and operator of Ear Care BOP.

Nicky is a children’s ear nurse specialist. However, she is passionate about providing safe and delicate ear care to all ages.

Many of Nicky’s patients are hearing aid wearers, as obstructions such as hearing aids can interfere with the ears’ self-cleaning mechanisms.

ACC and war pensioner’s appointments are subsidised at Ear Care BOP, enabling Nicky to provide her quality services to eligible patients at a low cost.

Nicky understands the benefits of continued professional development. By keeping actively involved and working alongside other healthcare professionals, she can provide her patients with the best care and treatment.

Clean Ears Can Improve Your Everyday Encounters

Along with providing ear care assessments, we offer advice for continued care for your ears for all ages and stages.

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