Frequently Asked Questions

Ears are generally self-cleaning. There are some individuals, conditions or warning signs that require extra assistance in cleaning or professional advice on treatments. Here are some questions we often hear from our patients.

At Ear Care BOP, our procedures are suitable for all ages. We use gentle and delicate technologies suitable for young children. We work alongside your doctors and specialists to ensure the best treatment and advice.

We use professional micro-suction ear cleaning practices. Unlike ear syringing, which can damage delicate skin in the ear canal and put pressure on your eardrum, micro-suction is perfectly safe.

Ear cleaning procedures usually take 15 minutes. However, please allow 30 minutes for an appointment.

No, cotton buds push wax further down the ear canal which can damage the very sensitive canal skin and can even be pushed through the eardrum.

Affected ears may be:

  • Itchy

  • Have a feeling of fullness

  • Have decreased hearing

  • Pain

  • Causing dizziness

  • Ringing or buzzing

Some of these symptoms are also associated with other ear conditions and should be checked out by a healthcare professional.

Micro-suction is painless and one of the safest ear wax removal methods. Our specially trained nurses use a microscope to see into your ear canal while they clean it. They use a small ear suction device to remove any blockages as they watch under the microscope.

Yes, we offer ACC and war pensioner subsidised appointments to all eligible patients.

No, we do not require a referral from your GP or ear specialist 

ACC appointments are $10. All other consultations are $55. Payment is required at the time of the appointment.

Clean Ears Can Improve Your Everyday Encounters

Along with providing ear care assessments, we offer advice for continued care for your ears for all ages and stages.