Ear Care BOP Services

We provide a variety of specialist advice on ear care.

We use microscopic technologies to provide the most thorough examinations and ensure safe and precise treatment.

Are you experiencing any of the following?

Hearing loss

Fullness in your ears


Ringing in ears

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Ear Treatments & Cleaning

At Ear Care BOP, we are specialists in ear cleaning. We use gentle micro-suction technologies that are delicate and safe for patients of all ages. We do not syringe ears, as this can damage the ear canal and eardrum.

If you overproduce wax, wear hearing aids, are recovering from surgery or are prone to ear infections, we can safely and effectively clean your ears. If you are someone that is experiencing ringing, dizziness, itchy or burning ears, we can assess your ears and see if you are suitable for ear cleaning.

Ear Assessments & Advice

In ideal situations, our ears take care of themselves. Although there are various reasons this is compromised, including using cotton buds, wearing hearing aids, having narrow ear canals and excess hair in the ear. These can all lead to ear wax buildup.

Excess wax needs to be removed professionally. We can perform microscopic ear examinations to advise your best course of action for your ear health. We work alongside your other healthcare providers so you can be sure you will receive the best treatment and advice.

ear assessment advice
ear treatments and cleaning

Ear Care for Everyone

We provide treatment and care to patients of all ages. We have specialist experience with providing ear care to children and hearing aid wearers.

Our equipment is highly developed and delicate, enabling us to provide precise, safe and effective ear cleaning and assessments.

We offer ACC and Veteran’s Pension subsidised appointments for eligible patients.

We Can Prevent Ear Infections & Improve Your Hearing

We can assess your overall ear health and provide maintenance plans to keep your ears clean and avoid future complications.

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