Keeping an Eye on Your Ears Across The Bay of Plenty and Waikato

At Ear Care, we specialise in safe ear cleaning and expert ear care advice. Providing quality care for all ages.

How We Can Help

We are proudly using microscopic ear examinations & micro-suction ear cleaning to ensure you get the best ear care, assessments and advice.

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Ear Treatments & Cleaning

We are specialists in ear cleaning. If you overproduce wax, wear hearing aids, are recovering from surgery or are prone to infections, we use precision suction ear cleaning techniques to safely and effectively clean your ears.

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Ear Assessments & Advice

With over 25 years of experience in ear care, we perform microscopic ear examinations to provide trusted advice and formulate treatment plans. We work with your doctors and otolaryngologists to ensure the best ear treatment and advice.

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Children & Youth Ear Care

Our ear health practitioners are trained to work with all ages. We use specialist equipment, guaranteeing gentle and delicate ear care, including wax and debris removal. Our services are safe for everyone, including young children.

Clean Ears Can Improve Your Everyday Encounters

Along with providing ear care assessments, we offer advice for continued care for your ears for all ages and stages.

Questions We Often Hear

Ears are generally self-cleaning. However, there are some individuals, conditions or warning signs that require extra assistance or advice.

At Ear Care BOP, our procedures are suitable for all ages. We use gentle and delicate technologies suitable for young children. We work alongside your doctors and specialists to ensure the best treatment and advice.

We use safe and professional micro-suction ear cleaning practices. We do not do ear syringing, which can damage delicate skin in the ear canal and put pressure on your eardrum. We also advise against using cotton buds as it pushes wax deeper into your ear causing damage.

Ear cleaning procedures usually take 15 minutes. However, please allow 20 minutes for an appointment.

The ears are self-cleaning. However, if you have itching, burning, ringing or other abnormalities, you may need your ears cleaned. We can examine your ears and advise your best course of action.

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We Can Prevent Ear Infections & Improve Your Hearing

We can assess your overall ear health and provide maintenance plans to keep your ears clean and avoid future complications.

Clinic Locations

You can find our clinic locations below. To book an appointment, please call your closest clinic or book online.



7/9 Domain Road, Topaz Corner, Papamoa

(07) 542 1122



43 Girven Rd, Mt Maunganui, Bay of Plenty

(07) 575 0091


Matamata Hearing Association

8 Meura Street, Matamata, Waikato

(07) 888 6414